Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How well do you know Jonny?

Hmm...considering that I don't have a Facebook account, and that I'm too lazy to get one, I have decided to blog about this instead. This is the inevitable "How well do you know Jonny" quiz, and I must say, not many people know me well. Heck, even my brother only got 11/20.

Well...have fun with the quiz, lol. I'm willing to bet that no one will get above 15 for this test. Some questions are giveaways, while some are insanely tough. Whatever, just do your best!

1. If Jonny had a daughter, what would he name her?

a) Katherine
b) Carol
c) Magdalene
d) Sophia

2. If Jonny had a son, what would he name him?

a) Alain
b) Thomas
c) Ivan
d) James

3. If Jonny had to retire somewhere, where would he go?

a) Greece
b) Spain
c) New Zealand
d) Japan

4. Where does Jonny have 9 stitches?

a) Left Shoulder
b) Right Leg
c) Right Hip
d) Left Forehead

5. Which of his limbs has Jonny broken?

a) Left Arm
b) Right Arm
c) Left Leg
d) None of the Above

6. Which of these authors has Jonny not read?

a) Philip Reeve
b) Robin Hobb
c) C.S. Friedman
d) Steven Erikson

7. Which of these games does Jonny know how to play?

a) Company of Heroes
b) Melty Blood
c) Dead or Alive
d) Left4Dead

8. Which is Jonny's favourite comic?

a) The Far Side Gallery
b) Foxtrot
c) Insanity Streak
d) Calvin & Hobbes

9. Which Shopping Mall has Jonny never been to?

a) Paragon
b) Junction 8
c) Wheelock Place
d) Compassvale

10. Which is Jonny's favourite movie?

a) Terminator 2
b) Stardust
c) V for Vendetta
d) The Bourne Supremacy

11. Which fruit has Jonny eaten?

a) Durian
b) Mango
c) Coconut
d) Pears

12. What is Jonny's favourite colour?

a) White
b) Blue
c) Green
d) Red

13. What is Jonny's favourite mythical creature?

a) Manticore
b) Sphinx
c) Phoenix
d) Minotaur

14. Once home, how many hours does Jonny spend working everyday?

a) 2 hours
b) 3 hours
c) 4 hours
d) 5 hours

15. What is Jonny's weapon of choice?

a) Pistols
b) Longbow
c) Sabre
d) Scythe

16. Which is Jonny's favourite mythical weapon?

a) Kikuichimonji
b) Gungnir
c) Skadi
d) Lorelei

17. What time does Jonny wake up on non-school days?

a) 7am
b) 8am
c) 9am
d) 10am

18. Jonny got sent for Counselling once in Primary School. What crime did he commit?

a) Stealing
b) Forging signatures
c) Fighting
d) Truant

19. Which of these did Jonny not get hospitalised for?

a) High Fever
b) Concussion
c) Asthma
d) Bronchitis

20. Who is Jonny's role model?

a) Michael Schumacher
b) Tiger Woods
c) Roger Federer
d) Lance Armstrong

Heh, most of the difficult questions are in front. They're meant to scare you!

Anyway, as motivation, anyone who gets above...15. I'll treat them to a drink. =)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Project Project is really getting on my nerves...I really can't wait to drop all this project work and start mugging my ass off. At least then I won't have to think about what I'm doing, and can actually start writing PROPER blog posts again. 

On the bright side, these time constraints have actually given me the opportunity to write about non-serious stuff, ie. "Dear Diary, today I went to the morgue to visit my friend, Joe..." That kinda thing. So yeah, perhaps this is one of those blessings in disguise things. what's been happening lately, other than the EEs and IAs and the to-be-coming TOK essays? Quite a few things, actually. We'll start on the ones that were quite some time ago, and the ones everyone should know about first.

Okay, so I think it was 2 weeks ago that Dneo got 3rd place in that Melty Blood Tournament. Kudos to him and his epic picture with the hot arcade chick. Kudos for choosing Maid Team over Kohaku as well, because I must admit, I had a lot more confidence in his Kohaku than his Maid Team. But I guess the novelty of it all must have paid off, 'cos no one knows how to fight a Maid Team. Nice play, Dneo, nice play.

Another nice play must go to Kuang in that same week when he won the Realm's Championship. least, I think that's what it's called. Well, even if it isn't you can read Kuang's commentary on the final game if you ask him nicely...and even then, he might not let you if his mood is too foul. Especially after his abysmal luck at the Darkmoon Faire, where I hear he did not do so well...nevertheless, good job, Kuang! I will always support you, man!

Speaking of the Darkmoon Faire, I did manage to get a chance to see Brad Watson, who is apparently the best WOW TCG player walking the planet right now...he went 7 - 0 yesterday, and as the Top 8 were playing today, I don't actually know what place he ended up with. But I have a feeling it isn't anything lower than 3rd. Utopia is an imba card in sealed (I sense much disagreement).

Moving on, it appears that Ryougi Shiki and Asagami Akiha vids are out! This might not mean much to anyone except about...four of us, but heck, it was awesome enought to talk about. Ryougi is animated almost exactly the same way she is in the movies, and Akiha. really wow. Looking forward to crashing Junyi's house when he gets his hands on the game. And I'm sure Dneo can't wait to get his hands on the Kohaku-MechHisui team.

Backing up a little, I finally managed to beat Phantasmagoria of Flower View with one credit. Granted, I used a cheapo character who's EX ability is so freaking imba it shouldn't even be allowed in the game...but heck, it was worth it. Yay, so now I've managed to beat all the Touhou games on the normal difficulty, with the exception of SA, which is just insane, so I'm not even gonna try that one yet. Kudos to JK and Junyi for the advice about the PoFV.

Next up, the Final Fantasy concert, which I didn't actually go for. That's pretty unfortunate, really, 'cos they ran out of tickets before I even heard about the damned show. Okay, to be honest, I'm lying - they did have tickets, but only single seat tickets - what's the point of going to a concert without sitting with your friends? That's just retarded, even it is a Final Fantasy concert. Well...according to Cleon, it was one heck of a show...he even got Uematsu's autograph, the bastard. Ah well...maybe next time.

Anime is next, with both Haruhi and Eden being the highlights of the anime this week. Haruhi Season One With Extra Episodes is out - good ol' Haruhi. Same as before, but with slightly different animation. It's not that noticeable, but it looks like Lucky Star and K-ON have taken their toll on the team, if you know what I mean. Nevertheless, Haruhi is always good. 

Eden is rocking our socks off with every episode, as usual. Super Illusion Material is now the in-thing, and damn, but that was one heck of an illusion. The thing is, I'm worried about the storyline...Eden is only what, 11 or 12 episodes long? We still haven't met all the Selecao, Johnny Hunter ain't dead yet, Careless Monday's not been explained, Mr. Outside hasn't been found, and who the heck is the damned Supporter? So many questions, so few episodes.

Moving on to more personal stuff, The Three Nightingales story is taking quite some time to write, partly because I'm procrastinating and having to dig myself out of the EE hole, but also because...well, it's not the kind of thing that people generally like. I mean, what the heck, it's too freaking idealistic and romantic and all the things that are me. So yeah...people don't like that kinda thing, unfortunately. Too bad.

On a more positive note, the Fire Emblem game is going along pretty well. It's kinda funny how I have more fun actually creating the game than playing it, but what the heck. I'm pretty damned sure that some of the characters I've created are imba, and that the usual people will have the normal criticisms, but I don't really was quite fun making it all up! The storyline's pretty interesting as well, although even I think it's cheesy!

Finally, as you can see on my nick, I'm giving tuition *cue laughter from Herrick, Jarrel, Junyi...and pretty much everyone who is more pro than me, which is a lot of people* to anyone who wants it. My tuition doesn't cost a lot (maybe an iced milo in the SAC one day) and even then, I don't usually collect it (at least 24 people still owe me beer for the math port). But perhaps the selling point of my tuition is that I like to pride myself on being pretty clear. So yeah, if you need any help, I'd be happy to do so.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Haiku School Life's really been too hot this week, both in terms of the temperature and the amount of work and arcading that's been going on. There's been absolutely no time to do anything than I want to do, which is a really sad reality. Ah well.

Never mind, I shall cheer myself up by making some Haikus. Haikus! Yes, Haikus about school. Okay, very good, let's go!



My mom makes cookies
Jonny keeps jewing cookies
He's such a bastard



People are stupid
They can't even understand
Graduate math texts


Hello, [insert name]
I got third in the tourney
Will you be my friend?

i like my sister
 iluma chiobu fine too
 i want her number

tourni winning strat
Qns: what's better than incest?*
Ans: Maid team twincest!


Noel is moe
Fcuk, he can see my DP
This shit so imba

noel is awesome
 hyaa hyaa hyaa hyaa blue fiyahh
 2d owns dneo

oh my god sz
 you are a fucking pedo
 stop raping sister


Diglett used Earthquake.
But...there isn't a target.
The sandstorm rages.

*Apparently, Qns is pronounced as kyuns. o_O

Okay, I'm bored now.

Shucks, I really have to make a proper post one day.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Corridor

"Ah great. Just what I needed."

That was the final thought of Cpt. Darius Valentine as his experimental fighter jet crashed headlong into the Nevada Desert. It was quite funny how these experimental fighter jets always exploded in a large nuclear-bomb-esque mushroom cloud. It's also funny how the military always tells the pilot's families that their son/father/husband died in a traffic accident today. And it's absolutely hilarious how these accidents always happen in the Nevada Desert. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Valentine wasn't laughing. It might have been because he had never read/watched many of these movies, but it was mostly because he was dead. 

In this world, anyway.

Because instead of finding himself in the middle of that mushroom-shaped cloud of fire and smoke, Mr. Valentine found himself lying on a cold, dirty-green, marble floor. Now that was something that Mr. Valentine found funny. It wasn't everyday that you were saved from a plane crash only to end up in a world of green marble. 

It was a few hours before Darius regained consciousness, and it was another half before he finally sat up to take stock of his surroundings. And so you couldn't have blamed his two companions from being a bit miffed. Surely you would be too, had you been sitting and watching an injured man for close to 4 hours.

Darius blinked, his eyes getting adjusted to the strange green light being given off by the marble structures. His two companions looked very strange, and it wasn't the light. Despite their unique appearances, Darius was quite sure that he had seen them before. One of them had an outrageous hairstyle, and a guitar strapped around his back. The other...well, he had an equally outrageous hairstyle, and some very dangerous looking claws. 

"So you're finally awake. Good. Any longer, and I'd have taken his head off." - This was Dangerous Claw speaking.

"Aww, come on, Victor. If you were pissed, you should have said so...I'd have calmed you down with some of my soothing tunes." - This was obviously the guitar guy.

"Good idea...then I wouldn't have to kill this fellow. I'd have taken your head off instead."

"Well, that's fine, considering that we can't really die in this world, right?"

"I don't know, and to be honest, I don't really care. I just need to kill something once in a while."

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" asked Darius, getting just a little freaked out by the proceedings. Someone was going to take someone's head off, and by George, Darius wasn't going to let his head be taken off by anyone.

"Oh, so our sleeping beauty has finally rediscovered his vocal cords. You're one lucky punk; I was about to rip 'em out of your throat."

"Now, now, be nice," said the other man. Darius looked at him closely. He really did look familiar, but Darius just couldn't place him. "Now, let's start with the introductions. What planet are you from?"

"What...?" Darius lifted one eyebrow in puzzlement. "Why, Earth, of course. The both of you look like you came from there as well."

"Oh, stupid me...sorry about that, I should have asked you which reality you came from. Like this guy here, his name's Victor Creed. Know about him? No? Well, I guess that means you ain't from the same reality."

"Victor Creed? Isn't he Sabertooth from that comic...err...I think it was called X-Men."

"Oh, so you do know him? Splendid! Interesting, even. Well, then, do you know me?" The man beamed as he said this, giving Darius a full view of the white suit that he was wearing...and suddenly, something clicked in Darius' mind.

"Oh my god, you're Elvis Presley. The freak are you doing here?"

"Well, it's a long story, and I think my friend - you call him Sabertooth, right? - wouldn't be very pleased if we tarried around here for too long. Anyway, there are people much better suited to telling you about this place. Come on, let's get out of here before IT gets here."

"IT? Who the hell is IT? And how come I can suddenly pronounced capitalised words?" Darius was pretty confused. 

"IT is a giant brain that lives around here somewhere. He's got quite a few henchmen, but nothing that Sabertooth here can't handle. Sure, the Man with the Red Eyes might be a bit of a problem, but...nah, I don't think we'll run into any trouble. And about the caps...well, you'll get used to it."

"Can we hurry up?" Victor growled, his eyes looking hungrily at Darius. "I sense something coming over here, and I'm not entirely sure that it's edible. I don't want to fight something I can't eat."

"Oh, it's probably not edible. But I agree, we should get the hell out of here." 

Elvis pulled out a string from his guitar, and twisted it into an unusual shape, before sticking it into one of the walls. There was a sudden burst of light, and a loud tearing sound, as if the very fabric of reality had been ripped apart. Which it probably had, really. After the tearing sounds had ceased, Darius was unsurprised to see a door in the middle of the wall - these funny fantasy-stories always had doors appearing out of the strangest of locations.

"All right, guys...let's get the heck out of here!" And with that, the three of them walked through the door, disappearing from the Green Room forever.

Just as the three of them had left, a young boy named Charles Wallace walked into the room. He looked around, saw the wall where the door had been, and swore. "IT damn it, can't those idiots learn how to smooth time nicely? Geez, it's going to be hell getting rid of all these wrinkles."


As Charles Wallace was complaining about the need to smoothen out reality, Darius was staring in disbelief as he found himself in a strange corridor. The green marble had disappeared now, to be replaced with white concrete. Opposite him was a door made of silver, shimmering slightly in the pale light that came from the ceiling. Looking around, Darius could see that there was a door every ten metres, of various shapes and sizes. 

The Corridor seemed to go on forever, stretching out into the distance as far as he could see (which was very far - pilots needed to have perfect vision, after all). Darius looked back the way they came, and saw Elvis locking the green marble door behind him. 

"Well, I guess it's time we got going...we should have been back nearly 3 hours ago, I suspect," said Elvis with aplomb. "Or maybe it was 3 days. I don't know, after 45 years in this place, I still can't tell."

"Yeah, yeah, now shut your trap and hail us a cab..." growled Sabertooth as he filed his nails on one of the concrete walls. "I sure as hell am not going to walk all the way back."

"But that costs money, you know...God knows I don't have a lot left..." said Elvis forlornly, searching his pockets for coins. "Come on, Darius, you're loaded...I don't suppose you'd care to lend us any?"

"What makes you think I've got anything? Anyway, how'd you know my name?"

"Ah, don't ask useless questions. Hurry up, give me that shiny thing on your shirt...or else Sabertooth will tear my head off...that would hurt, I think."

Darius looked down at his shirt, and saw that his medals were still attached to his sleeves. Well, they wouldn't be much use here...he might as well play along with these guys. "Yeah, whatever, take this one...Anyway, I assume that there's some head-honcho around here who will tell me what the hell is going on around here? Like, about the fact that I'm supposed to be dead?"

"Oh yes, of course. You'll meet her later. For now though, we need to get ourselves a cab..." Elvis took the medal from Darius, inspected it closely, nodded slowly, and then said, "You might want to try and stay close to the wall." Darius had only just registered Elvis' words before the King snapped his fingers.

There was an enormous gust of wind so strong that Darius was nearly blown all the way down the Corridor. Only the handle of the green door saved him - it had caught unto one of the straps of his jumpsuit, and using that as leverage, Darius managed to stay upright for the duration of the gale, which ended as quickly as it began. 

"Whew...awesome. We managed to get this cab. We're in luck, Creed 'ol buddy." 

Darius looked up at the cab, expecting to see one of those yellow taxis from New York, or even a Carriage from the Victorian Era. He didn't, however, expect to see a B-52 Bomber. His surprise didn't last for long - after all, his guess about the Victorian Carriage wasn't too far off the mark. He jumped after Elvis and Sabertooth as they climbed into the back of the B-52, which had been specially enlarged for up to 10 passengers.

"Where to, Sir?" asked the pilot as he gunned the Bomber's engines. "Back to Town?"

"Yeah, I guess so...I don't see where else we can go. You want to stop anywhere, Vicky?"

"No. And don't call me Vicky."

"Right. How about you, Darius? Got anywhere you'd like to visit before we take you to see the Commander?"

"A morgue."

Elvis looked concerned. "Hey man, don't go all suicidal on me...we did take all that effort to pick you up. Not to mention that the Commander will slaughter me. And if she doesn't, then Sabertooth will."

"I was being sarcastic...come on, let's go meet this Commander of yours."

Elvis looked very cheered up by this fact, and quickly instructed the pilot - or cab driver - to take us back to wherever the Commander was. The pilot nodded, and the engine burst to life, sending the Bomber rocketing down the Corridor, past hundreds, thousands, millions of doors. 

As the Bomber flew onwards, the atmosphere became a lot more relaxed. Sabertooth pulled out a piece of wood from the inside of his coat, and started filing his nails on it. Elvis pulled out a glass of wine from somewhere above him, and started drinking, while pulling out a book from midair. 

Darius, meanwhile, couldn't resist going back up to the cockpit. It hadn't been long ago that he nearly crashed his experimental jet, but flying was an addiction that Darius hadn't yet gotten over. As he entered the cockpit, the pilot gestured for him to sit down in the co-pilot's seat. As Darius did so, the pilot took off his helmet, revealing a pair of bright blue eyes and a youngish face that couldn't have been older than 25.

"You're USAF?" asked the boyish pilot. "Cor...haven't seen one of you guys for a long time. Did they just pick you up?"

"Err...well, I'm not sure. I guess they did. I don't really know too much about this place..."

"Well, I wouldn't expect you to. Hell, I'm pretty impressed. You're doing a much better job coping with this than I did."

"Yeah, well...I read a lot of fantasy books. I reckoned something like this would happen one of these days. What's your name, pilot?" asked Darius, curious about the boy's identity. It looked like the boy had come from the USAF as well, and perhaps Darius would be able to recognise the boy's name. 

"The name's Johnny Taylor, sir...Don't worry, I suspect that you won't recognise the name. By my calculations, it's been nearly 70 years since I went missing from the USAF. Of course, I might not have disappeared from the reality you came from...but I don't really know much about these reality things. You'd have to ask the Commander that."

"Who is this Commander person, anyway? Seems like you guys look up to her a lot."

"Sure we do. She's the one who keeps everything running around here. Without her, this place would have collapsed a long time ago...especially with all the havoc that the Azores have been creating."

"The Azores? Who're they?"

"Oh yeah, you wouldn't know about them. Well, they're kinda like the bad guys around these parts. They keep screwing around with reality and time and stuff like that. I don't really know the details, somewhat 'cos I'm just a cab driver, but mostly because I don't understand this stuff. But yeah, I've been told to shoot them on sight. Now, if only I knew that an Azore looked like..."

"They aren't dangerous, are they?"

"Well, of course they are. Why'd you think we have Hunters crawling around every inch of the Corridor? Don't worry though, they wouldn't dare attack a Bomber like this one. Apparently they only affect the rooms." 

Darius scratched his head, totally confused by now. Taylor glanced and grinned at Darius' obvious puzzlement. "Heh, I had to go through the exact same thing. Don't worry man, nothing's going to happen for a while...the Azores wouldn't dare attack this Bomber - this baby's still armed and dangerous."

Darius' eyes widened. "You've got nukes on this thing?"

"Close. Conventional payloads would be the proper term, I think. Don't really know, I flunked my theory test."

"I'm surprised that they even let you near this ship."

"My practical round was excellent, apparently. They just couldn't let me go. Not that it matters any more, of course. Not since I found myself here one day."

"Where is this place anyway? I gather that this place is called the Corridor, but is there anything else about it?"

"Well, I'm not sure of the details...but apparently this place is a connector for all the various possible realities. Each of those doors leads to a different reality, some dangerous, some benign. One of our realities lies somewhere behind one of those doors...the only problem is finding the right door, which - to be honest - is completely impossible."

"How'd we get here in the first place, then? Shouldn't we have come through our own door?"

"Well, that's the thing you see? The Commander thinks that it's because of the Azores that people like us appear out of nowhere. Sure, it happens on a regular basis when the Corridor gets warped out of its usual orientation, but apparently the Azores are making it worse by bending time and reality in individual rooms, and...okay, you know what, I think you'd better get the Commander to explain this to you. Even I don't know what I'm saying. All I know is that the Commander can predict when someone's going to fall into the wrong reality, and when that happens, she sends Hunters to pick them up."

"So...Elvis Presley and Victor Creed are Hunters in this world."

"To be precise, Elvis is the Hunter. Creed's his Adept. Basically, Elvis is the one with the key and the maps, whereas Creed's the guy with...the violent tendecies. Don't worry about not getting it the first time - just know that they're good at their jobs."

"Right...forgive me if I'm a little skeptical about that. Especially Elvis...he doesn't seem to be the reliable type."

Taylor laughed, and said, "That's true. But don't you worry, he'll pull through when the time calls for it. Which is to say, not during salvage missions. By the way, I suggest you get yourself a bit of sleep. This journey's going to take some time."

"Right...if you don't mind?" Darius leant onto the window of the passenger seat, feeling quite worn out all of a sudden. Being dropped into another reality all of a sudden is a tiring business, even for an ace fighter pilot. Just as Darius dropped off, he asked Taylor, "You know...what would have happened if Elvis hadn't picked us up back then?"

"Well...then the creatures in that reality would have gotten you. If you were lucky, then you'd have been assimilated into their reality, without knowing anything about the Corridor. If you were unlucky, then you'd have been killed in a war, or eaten by a monster, or worse. Of course, if you were really unlucky, then you'd have been taken by the Azores."

"Ah great. Just what I needed."

Friday, May 1, 2009

Labour Day

Labour Day, the first of May.

What would we do without Labour Day? As the name suggests, this is the international public holiday given to us so that we can catch up on all our work. Just look at all the Internal Assessments, TOK/KI, EEs, random worksheets, studying for tests...even I'm having a hard time dealing with all this crap (FYI, my average sleep time has decreased...I now sleep at about 11 every night, especially if I want to watch anime). 

Thankfully, some kind soul has given us time to catch up with of all this work, giving us a brief respite from the piles of projects and work. Imagine the horror if Labour Day fell on a Saturday! For one, the prices of movie tickets would skyrocket. Goodness.

So...yes, now that Labour Day has finally arrived, I have actually found time to post on this blog (which is not dead yet, might I remind you). Impossible as it is, work has actually kept me from doing the things I'd prefer to be doing - nevertheless, such a thing will not happen again...or at least, it won't happen after term 2. 

Once again, we need to thank the kind soul who gave us Labour Day...what would we do without him?


Of course, Labour Day wasn't really created so that we could catch up with our work. That's pretty dumb, since the whole point is that you were supposed to be taking a break from your work in the first place. Nevertheless, some people do indeed believe that the above is true - Labour Day exists so that we can labour through our backlog. The fact that we were actually able to book a badminton court today speaks multitudes about the culture in this country (admittedly, it could also do with the fact that many of us don't like exercising). 

Well...okay, so let's get into the crux of this, shall we? I'll assume that you guys already know what Labour Day was supposed to represent...if you don't, then Google it. It's not that hard, as Jarrel keeps telling me.

To me, Labour Day is about seeing and appreciating the fruits of your labour. Many of the IB students study because they have to - they don't really know why they're studying. Oh, sure - many people study 'cos they want to be doctors, lawyers. But why Doctors and Lawyers? Well, because they earn the most money, I guess.

Okay, so I'm making one heck of a generalisation there, sorry. But hey, some people do have that kind of motivation. What about me, you ask? Well, according to the lastest thingymabobby that our school has given us, geologists are the least paid of all jobs in Singapore. Can't remember the figure, but it was at least a digit smaller that most. Poor, poor boy I am.

So...why Geology then? It pays dirt. Literally.

Well, it's 'cos I like studying Geology, just as some people like studying Medicine and some like studying Law. Unfortunately, I believe that we're kind of a rare breed. Of course, I know quite a few people who studying 'cos they like what they study...but trust me, they're few and far between.


Anyway, I  think we kind of went off track there. Missed the point, you know? We were at appreciating the fruits of your labour. Well, our labour doesn't just refer to our work and studies. It shouldn't, really, because we haven't actually garnered any fruits from our studies yet. 

So what other fruits are there? Well, there are the fruits of your social life. How many friends do you really have at this moment? There are few friends that will stay as your friends through your life - those that do are increasingly difficult to find these days. As much as I'd like to believe that I'll never forget you guys, and as much as I'd like to believe that you guys will never forget me, there is always the chance that one of us will forget the other.

And so...I'd like to take this chance to thank all of you for being my friends. Mostly because I might not have the chance to do so in the future, when I will look back on my teenage life and remember all the people who made me...well, me. I'll try my best never to forget you guys (there are some guys I know I'll never forget), but please forgive me if I ever forget any of you. I'm not perfect, unfortunately, even though I try to be!

Hehe, you guys are the best, really! And please remind me about that in the future, because one of my major failings is taking things for granted in this world. At the risk of sounding like a lucky bastard, I would say that I've really been blessed with good luck (even better than yours, Darrell). 

Come on, how many of you have the chance to play games like Pen and Paper Fire Emblem with your IB Year 5 brother and Sec 2 sister? How many of you have a chance to talk one on one with your father about the problems with your school life, especially emotional problems and troubles of the heart?

And perhaps the most valuable of many of you have the chance to sit down on the floor as your great-grandmother tells you how much she loves you?

I may not be able to play Blazblue. I may not be the most reliable person around.  I may not be able to sing, dance, or play an instrument. But God damn me if I'm not the most blessed person around these parts.

So appreciate the world around you. That's what Labour Day is about. Remembering everyone and anyone who made this world possible. And damn it, this world is good.


And of course, now I've got to go back to my EE. Hopefully, my next post will come sooner.